Joint Base Andrews
Prince George’s County, Maryland
(March 11, 2024)

Q    Have you scheduled your “come to Jesus” meeting with Bibi Netanyahu?
Q    Do you plan to, sir?
THE PRESIDENT:  We’ll see what happens.
Q    Mr. President, when is a border executive action coming?  An executive action on the border?
THE PRESIDENT:  I’m counting on the border action happening by itself, the — passing it.
Q    But Congress can’t come to an agreement. 
THE PRESIDENT:  Well, they haven’t —

Q    How can —
Q    — you help them?
THE PRESIDENT:  They haven’t yet.
Q    Mr. President —
THE PRESIDENT:  I’m — I’m helping them.
Q    Mr. President, do you plan to address the Israeli parliament?
THE PRESIDENT:  No, not at this moment. 
Q    Would you do it remotely, or do you have something in the works? 
THE PRESIDENT:  Anything else?
Q    On Poland, Mr. President.  Would you support increasing U.S. troops at the Polish border?
THE PRESIDENT:  There — there’s no need for more troops at the Pol- — there’s no need for more troops at the Polish border.
Q    Do you know what you mi- —
THE PRESIDENT:  But I’m meeting — I’m meeting with the Prime Mini- — I’m meeting with the Polish leader tomor- —
Is it tomorrow?
Q    Do you know what you might talk about with him tomorrow?
THE PRESIDENT:  Yeah, but I’ll talk to him about it.  Okay?
Thank you.

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