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Please join me in another round of applause for our talented musicians who flew all the way here from Los Angeles just this morning.

Today, we celebrate Cinco de Mayo, and pay tribute to a long line of Mexican-Americans who have added their own threads to our rich American tapestry with bravery and vision. Writers whose poems trace the contours of our sorrows and joys. Activists whose movements for justice achieved hard-won progress. Trailblazers in every career and calling who have led us toward a more perfect union.

And as we recognize the Mexican-Americans who have so profoundly shaped this country, and are continuing to shape it, we also remember that the first step to progress is dreaming – creating those images in our own heads, even if the odds are against us, reaching for the stars, even if we may miss, sculpting the world we see when we close our eyes and imagine.

That’s what your President does every day for this country. He’s growing the middle class – working to level the playing field for all families. He’s fighting injustice and inequality, defending our rights and freedoms, and creating a brighter future ahead.

But he can’t do it alone, he needs your help – your hopes and dreams, and your passion and determination to make those dreams – those images – real.

Thank you for all you do to lift up our communities, thank you for helping us celebrate our nation’s Mexican-American heritage today, and happy Cinco de Mayo!

And now it’s my pleasure to introduce an incredible athlete who is sculpting his own path in the NBA and in his community, and inspiring so many young people to reach for their own dreams: Jaime Jaquez.


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