The Cross Hall

Tomorrow night, we mark the 60th anniversary of the United States’ partnership with Kenya with an elegant dinner under the stars, in a pavilion made almost entirely of glass, looking up at our one sky. 

While, outside, night surrounds us, inside, guests will be brought together over the glow of candles, in a space saturated with warm pinks and reds.

The night will feature special performances to honor President and First Lady Ruto’s love of Gospel and Country music: the amazing Howard Gospel Choir and the incredible Brad Paisley.

As guests leave, their path illuminated by our one moon, I hope they will be filled with that same warmth I felt on my visits to Kenya – that of a friendship that will endure, helping create a shining and prosperous tomorrow.

Every detail of this State Dinner has been thoughtfully planned by so many people from across our government – Joe and I could not have asked for a better team. And, I am once again grateful for Bryan Rafanelli’s brilliance and partnership.

Finally, to bring some of tomorrow’s hospitality to today – we will share with all of you a little taste of the meal our incredible chefs are preparing for the guests.

Now, please welcome, our Social Secretary, Carlos Elizondo.


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