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More than a year ago, First Lady Ruto, Rachel, and I met during the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit here in Washington. And we spoke about cancer, what we can do to fight it and how it’s so close to both our hearts.

Then, Rachel, you invited me to your home. And you showed me the amazing work you’re doing to empower women and young people in Kenya; you’re using your platform to make lives better.

So, I was honored to be able to welcome you and your wonderful daughters to my home today and I’m excited to continue our conversation on how to defeat cancer.

Because in some ways cancer touches us all.

That’s true in the United States. It’s true in Kenya. And it’s true around the world. And we have to come together as communities – and as a global community – to stop it.

Because none of us can defeat cancer alone.

That’s why the Biden Cancer Moonshot is collaborating across oceans to share good ideas and best practices, to ease the burden on patients and their families, to make breakthroughs and create the kind of care that saves lives.

We’re expanding access to cancer screenings here in the United States and around the world, so that we can detect cancer earlier, when outcomes are best.

And just as no nation can beat cancer alone, no one patient can either.

That’s why the Biden Cancer Moonshot is making sure no one has to. We’re making it easier for patients and families to access patient navigation here in the United States.  

Navigators understand the communities they work in – and guide patients and their families from diagnosis to survival: From scheduling appointments to keeping track of medications to coordinating things like transportation and child care.

They make sure that on our worst day – or our best – we’re never alone.

That’s why what’s happening at Kimmel Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins is so important – and I can’t wait to hear more about what you do.

Yes, cancer has the power to destroy. But it can connect us as well. It forces us to reach out – for answers, for help, for healing. It pushes us to seek out hope in each other. It inspires us to come together and find the love and support on which our future can be built.

Together, we can end cancer as we know it.

Thank you.


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