The South Lawn

Welcome to the White House!

It’s so wonderful to see so many friends here. My heart is filled with gratitude as I look out at this crowd.

Over these past three and a half years, so many of you have welcomed me to your districts and your states, as we’ve worked together on issues that bring us all together: Lifting up educators, highlighting the great work of your local community colleges, fighting to end cancer as we know it, supporting military families. 

And I’m so excited to work with all of you on our newest White House Initiative on Women’s Health Research. Research on women’s health, especially for women in mid-life and beyond, has always been underfunded and understudied – but, together, we’re changing that.

Everywhere I go – in red and blue areas – I get asked about this new initiative all the time – and our work together is only beginning. 

But today isn’t about work – today is about you and your families, sharing some laughs, some good food, and enjoying the start of summer before it gets even more hot and humid! 

For all the kids out there, you can tell your parents that I said to make sure you enjoy the best lawn in America – run around, play tag, do cartwheels, have fun!

And let’s make this evening a celebration of what brings us all together – family, friends, our love of country, and our belief in a better tomorrow! 

Now, I get to introduce my husband – Senator from Delaware for 36 years, and now President of the United States – and as you all know him: Joe. 


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