Joint Base Andrews

Prince George’s County, Maryland

THE VICE PRESIDENT:  The President made a very important announcement today about immigration.  And it is important to put it in context.  From day one, when we first came in office, our first bill was to offer a meaningful way to fix our immigration system, including a pathway to citizenship, keeping families together, and looking out for our DREAMers.  And, of course, it was not taken up.  

Then, of course, we know that there was bipartisan work that happened, including involving some of the most conservative members of the United States Senate.  A deal was reached, and they got a call from Donald Trump, who said, “Don’t put it for a vote.”  Because Donald Trump would prefer to run on a problem instead of fixing a problem.

So, the President has had to take it in his own hands to do what he can and what we can through executive order.  And today, that included ensuring that we can keep families together — in particular, around spouses who are undocumented — the spouses of American citizens who have been here at least 10 years, giving them a pathway to gain citizenship and allowing them to go through the process here in the United States.

It’s also been about what we need to do look out for DREAMers — in particular, those who have graduated college and are working in a way that is very productive and helpful to all of society. 

So, this is good policy.  And ultimately, we do need Congress to act and to do what we know is necessary to fully put the resources into the border and creating a meaningful pathway to citizenship. 

Thank you.


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