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4:37 P.M. CDT

Q    Mr. President, how was your interview?  How was the interview with ABC, sir?

Q    Mr. President, how was the interview?

Q    How did it go, sir?

THE PRESIDENT:  Well, it was a good interview.  You’ll all be able to see it at eight o’clock tonight.  It’s — they’re going to (inaudible).

Q    Are you dropping out of the race or are you completely ruling that out?

THE PRESIDENT:  Completely ruling that out.

Q    Mr. President, how can you make the case that democracy is at risk, that you are the best candidate to beat Donald Trump?

THE PRESIDENT:  Because I’ve beaten him before, and I’ve gotten more done than any president has.

Q    That was four years — that was four years ago, Mr. —

Q    Have you spoken to members of Congress?

Q    That was four years ago, Mr. President.

THE PRESIDENT:  No, it was — it was — but, look, you’ve been wrong about everything so far.

Q    Not really.

THE PRESIDENT:  You were wrong about 2020.  You were wrong about 2022 that we were going to get wiped out.  Remember the “red wave”?  You were wrong about 2023 when you said all the tough races we were going to — we won them all but two.

So, look, we’ll see.

Q    Have you spoken to members of Congress?

THE PRESIDENT:  I have.  I’ve —

Q    Who have you spoken to?

THE PRESIDENT:  At least 20.  And all the —

Q    What are they telling you?

Q    What are they telling you, sir?

THE PRESIDENT:  They’re telling me to stay in the race.

Q    What about the people who have called for — they’re gathering together to call for you to step aside?  I think Senator Mark Warner is one of the people.

THE PRESIDENT:  Well, Mark Warner, my understanding, is the only one considering that.  No one else is calling me to do that.

Q    Do you value the thoughts of individuals in your —

Q    Sir, will you commit to debating President — former President Trump again?

THE PRESIDENT:  I hope he’ll debate me.  I — I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t —

Q    And if he’s in, will you commit to debating him a second time?

THE PRESIDENT:  I’m committing now.  Absolutely, whether he’s in or not.

Q    Do you value the thoughts of members of your own party when it comes to your decision to stay in the race?

THE PRESIDENT:  Sure, I do.  That’s why they’ve — you guys saw the governors.  Every one of them in that room — all those governors said, “Stay in the race.”

Q    Maura Healey.

THE PRESIDENT:  Maura Healey didn’t say anything when I was in the room.  Okay?

Q    Sir, will you make changes to your campaign staff at all after the debate, the fallout?

THE PRESIDENT:  We’re — we’re adding — look, we’ve just added another 120 staffers.  We’re — we have the most extensive staff operation in the states.

Q    And are you pleased with your advisers and how they’re seeing you through this — this moment in your campaign?

THE PRESIDENT:  Any mistake made is my fault.  Thank you.

Q    Are you confident you can serve another four years?

THE PRESIDENT:  I’m positive.

Q    Mr. President, you — you’ve always talked to young people.  You’re so committed to talking to young people.  Why not let someone younger take the country forward?  You just have to ask.  You know, why not let — like, every CEO has a succession plan.

THE PRESIDENT:  Well, by the way, we do have succession plans.  But what do I need a succession plan for now?

And, by the way, you know, I mean — anyway. 

Q    No, no, no.  Go on.

THE PRESIDENT:  Thank you.

   4:39 P.M. CDT

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