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3:01 P.M. BST
Q    How are you, sir?
PRESIDENT MACRON:  How are you?  
PRESIDENT BIDEN:  I’m well.  The sun is shining.  We’re almost on the beach.  I’m well.  And I’m with the President of France; that makes me even feel better.  (Laughs.)
AIDE:  We’re on.
PRESIDENT BIDEN:  We’re on.  Okay.  We’re on.  Did you know that?  (Laughter.)  Well, we’re — we’re just having a — we’ve had a good couple days so far.  I’ve had a chance to spend some time with President Macron, get to know him.  And we — we have some things we’ve got to talk about a little bit later, but things are going, I think, well.  And we’re — we’re, as we say in — back in the States, “We’re on the same page.”  So, thank you.
PRESIDENT MACRON:  Yeah.  Thank you.  Thank you, Mr. President.  We had a — I want to thank you for our discussion yesterday and the working sessions we had, indeed. 
We have to — to deal with this pandemic and the COVID-19.  We have to face a lot of challenges, a lot of crisis — climate change.  And for all these issues, what we need is cooperation.  And I think it’s great to have the U.S. President part of the club and very willing to cooperate.  And I think that what you — what you demonstrate is that leadership is partnership. And — and we do appreciate it, and I think we can deliver great things for that.
PRESIDENT BIDEN:  I think we can do a lot, too.  We — the United States, I’ve said before — we’re back.  The U.S. is back.  We feel very, very strongly about the cohesion of NATO. 
And I, for one, think that the European Union is an incredibly strong and vibrant entity that has a lot to do with the ability of Western Europe to not only handle its economic issues, but provide the backbone and the support for NATO. 
And so I — we’re very supportive — very supportive.
Q Mr. President, have you convinced allies that America is back?
Q    Is America back?
PRESIDENT MACRON:  Yeah.  Definitely.
Q    Do you believe America is back?
3:03 P.M. BST

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