This afternoon the President thanked the Senate Democratic Caucus for the groundbreaking work they had done to reach the budget resolution agreement announced last night, and highlighted that it would grow the middle class, generate strong economic growth, and create millions of jobs. 

He also touted the benefits of the historic bipartisan infrastructure framework that forms the other half of his domestic economic agenda, describing how he’s travelling the country and making a case about it and that polling data show the framework resonating strongly with voters in both parties.

The President credited the Senators for their successful work to pass the American Rescue Plan, noting that economic experts have cited it as a leading cause for the record job creation that has taken place since he took office and the doubling of the rate of economic growth in forecasts. And he described the Build Back Better agenda as a follow on to the Rescue Plan, to ensure that we’re rebuilding a stronger, more inclusive and more resilient middle class. 

He emphasized that what tied the economic policies they are working on together was that they were built from the bottom up, with a recognition for the role that a good job plays in peoples’ lives, the rising costs families have had to bear from child care, elder care, and tuition, and the fact that when working and middle class families do well, everyone does well.

He also discussed how the means for funding these critical investments is popular with the American people, who know that the wealthiest individuals and corporations often pay a lower tax bill than teachers and firefighters. 

The President repeatedly hit on how the effects of climate change are undeniable, and that the public is demanding action that the budget resolution will deliver. And he also spoke to the urgent need to overcome anti-voter laws, especially in a time when autocracies are trying to undermine democracy around the world. 


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