This afternoon, the President held a virtual meeting with House Democratic leadership and the chairs of 15 House committees of jurisdiction about moving forward with his Build Back Better agenda, which would cut prescription drug costs, reduce the cost of housing and education, strengthen care for veterans, take on climate change, and help families afford childcare and care for older Americans.
The President and House leaders agreed that the American people cannot afford to wait for the generational benefits these initiatives would deliver in terms of creating jobs, growing our economy in a manner that overwhelmingly benefits the middle class, and cutting costs for families. They agreed that we can pay for these long term investments by finally letting Medicare negotiate lower prescription drug costs and asking the largest corporations and wealthiest Americans to pay their fair share. 
The President noted that these policies go to the heart of the values that he ran on, conveyed his appreciation for the strong backing it has received, and reiterated his enthusiasm for signing the Build Back Better bill and the historic bipartisan infrastructure legislation as soon as possible.


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