Every American should be treated with dignity and respect by law enforcement.  Yet, that has not always been true for communities of color, where cases of discriminatory policing and excessive force are too often not met with accountability or justice.

As a United States Senator, I introduced the Justice in Policing Act along with Senator Cory Booker and Representative Karen Bass. This bill would hold law enforcement accountable and provide greater transparency when there is police misconduct and use of excessive force. It is part of George Floyd’s legacy, Breonna Taylor’s legacy, and that of so many others who were victims of police misconduct.  It is part of our collective responsibility to one another. While legislation would not have been a panacea, it would have been a step towards equal justice.

Senator Booker and Representative Bass worked day and night to move the legislation forward. They put both time and heart in to build support, and they deserve our utmost gratitude.

Today, however, we learned that Senate Republicans chose to reject even the most modest reforms. Their refusal to act is unconscionable. Millions of people marched in the streets to see reform and accountability, not further inaction. Moving forward, we are committed to exploring every available action at the executive level to advance the cause of justice in our nation.


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