Leaders and organizations from around the world, including the African Union, Arab League, European Union, International Monetary Fund, Organization of Islamic Cooperation, and World Bank have come together to condemn the military takeover in Sudan and violence against peaceful demonstrators.  Today, the UN Security Council added its voice to this international chorus.  Together, our message to Sudan’s military authorities is overwhelming and clear: the Sudanese people must be allowed to protest peacefully and the civilian-led transitional government must be restored. 
I urge Sudan’s military leaders to immediately release all those detained and restore the institutions associated with the transitional government, in line with the 2019 Constitutional Declaration and the 2020 Juba Peace Agreement.  Then, with the support of the international community, I believe all parties in Sudan can reclaim a shared vision for completing Sudan’s transition to democracy. The United States is committed to helping the Sudanese people achieve this goal.  We believe strongly in Sudan’s economic potential and the promise of its future—if the military and those who oppose change do not hold it back.  
I have admired the courage of the Sudanese people in demanding their voices be heard and helping their country make strides toward a new, democratic Sudan.  The events of recent days are a grave setback, but the United States will continue to stand with the people of Sudan and their non-violent struggle to advance the goals of Sudan’s revolution.  Freedom, equality, government under rule of law, and respect for human rights must be the foundation for future security and prosperity in Sudan, just as they are all around the world.


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