Today, the United States and Mexico celebrate 200 years of bilateral relations. As the closest of neighbors and friends, we share a set of values that form the root of our strength. We share an enduring commitment to freedom, democracy, and rule of law. And we share a strong and deepening economic and security partnership that has made North America the most competitive and dynamic region in the world.

This bicentennial is even more meaningful because it falls upon the Feast Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe – a holiday with deep religious and cultural significance for millions of Mexicans and Mexican-Americans. Today, we also honor the cultural and familial ties that unite our people and the many unique contributions of Mexican-Americans, which have strengthened and enriched the United States for generations.

Over the course of our shared history, Mexico and the United States have demonstrated that we are stronger and safer when we stand together. Our futures are irrevocably connected. And today – as we embark on the next century of our partnership with mutual respect and commitment to our shared aspirations – we remember that nothing is beyond our reach if we continue to work together.


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