With less than two weeks before the end of the fiscal year, extreme House Republicans are playing partisan games with peoples’ lives and marching our country toward a government shutdown that would have damaging impacts all across the country.

Instead of working in a bipartisan manner to keep the government open and address emergency needs for the American people, House Republicans introduced a continuing resolution this week that makes an 8%, across-the-board cut to programs that millions of hardworking Americans count on—violating the bipartisan budget deal the President and Congress agreed to earlier this year. On top of these indiscriminate cuts, their continuing resolution makes even deeper cuts to several other key programs, including the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)—which families depend on to heat their homes during the winter. With colder weather approaching,House Republicans’ extreme CR would cut LIHEAP by over 60%.

Here is what House Republicans’ draconian over 60% cut to LIHEAP would look like across all 50 states and the District of Columbia:

StateCut to LIHEAPHouseholds served by LIHEAP (FY 2022)
Alabama$40 Million59,725
Alaska$7 Million4,117
Arizona$21 Million6,377
Arkansas$22 Million45,711
California$159 Million98,075
Colorado$36 Million84,096
Connecticut$49 Million92,180
Delaware$9 Million8,445
Dist. of Col.$8 Million8,035
Florida$72 Million36,141
Georgia$57 Million81,558
Hawaii$4 Million6,357
Idaho$14 Million36,969
Illinois$118 Million258,424
Indiana$53 Million109,750
Iowa$37 Million112,451
Kansas$25 Million33,688
Kentucky$38 Million62,668
Louisiana$37 Million17,437
Maine$26 Million36,563
Maryland$52 Million82,046
Massachusetts$90 Million133,635
Michigan$112 Million337,073
Minnesota$80 Million127,605
Mississippi$24 Million28,891
Missouri$55 Million117,891
Montana$14 Million16,418
Nebraska$22 Million41,587
Nevada$10 Million22,753
New Hampshire$19 Million24,425
New Jersey$87 Million236,094
New Mexico$13 Million34,123
New York$256 Million1,166,391
North Carolina$72 Million149,869
North Dakota$14 Million14,020
Ohio$106 Million231,446
Oklahoma$26 Million58,421
Oregon$27 Million60,070
Pennsylvania$137 Million342,419
Rhode Island$16 Million25,581
South Carolina$34 Million13,921
South Dakota$13 Million23,966
Tennessee$47 Million62,373
Texas$120 Million76,573
Utah$18 Million18,912
Vermont$14 Million26,854
Virginia$67 Million106,279
Washington$42 Million89,121
West Virginia$22 Million59,194
Wisconsin$72 Million194,705
Wyoming$7 Million8,260


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