On Monday, senior Biden-Harris Administration officials met with suppliers to discuss the manufacturing, distribution, and accessibility of RSV immunizations through the private market. Senior administration officials underscored the importance of manufacturers such as Sanofi and AstraZeneca working to meet demand with a sense of urgency as we head into the winter season. During the meeting, manufacturers and senior administration officials also agreed on proactive planning now to meet next year’s projected demand for immunizations. 
Monday’s meeting follows numerous in-person and virtual meetings to seek ways manufacturers can make more RSV immunizations available for infants. As a result, manufacturers earlier this month committed to producing tens of thousands of additional RSV immunizations for infants and confirmed that all of the additional 77,000 doses have been released.   
The Biden-Harris Administration continues to prioritize access to safe and effective vaccines for all Americans who want to protect themselves and their loved ones from preventable illness. CDC’s Vaccines for Children program provides vaccines to half of America’s children and senior administration officials will continue to work directly with distributors and manufacturers to make sure the RSV immunization, flu vaccine, and updated COVID-19 vaccine are available to all families, with a particular focus on our most vulnerable communities, including infants.


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