National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan has traveled to Seoul, Republic of Korea (ROK) for meetings on Friday, December 8 and Saturday, December 9 with his counterparts, National Security Secretariat Secretary General Akiba Takeo of Japan and National Security Office Director Cho Taeyong of the ROK. Mr. Sullivan has participated in separate bilateral meetings with his counterparts, and he is now joining a trilateral meeting, the fourth trilateral between the three National Security Advisors. Their discussions have captured the full breadth of our strengthening trilateral relationship across multiple domains. From cooperation on emerging threats, including the concerning developments related to weapons transfers between the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and Russia, to the further alignment of respective Indo-Pacific Strategies between the three countries, these meetings have provided a key opportunity to build upon the progress made between the U.S., ROK, and Japan during the historic Camp David Trilateral Summit in August.

Mr. Sullivan will also participate in the inaugural Next Generation Critical and Emerging Technology (CET) Dialogue between the U.S. and the ROK, a key initiative announced during ROK President Yoon’s state visit to the United States in April. In conjunction with the CET Dialogue, he has participated in a Track 1.5 Event to discuss the importance of deeper collaboration on critical and emerging technology with the ROK, including the clean energy transition. NSA Sullivan and NSA Cho are using this opportunity to highlight their intent to anchor the CET Dialogue across six main technology areas, including semiconductor supply chains and technology, biotechnology, batteries and clean energy technology, quantum, digital connectivity, and artificial intelligence.

During his visit, Mr. Sullivan will reaffirm the United States’ unwavering support for the ROK and Japan in the face of the DPRK’s provocative actions in the region, as well as discuss deepening collaboration on key issues like critical and emerging technology, and strengthen resilience against economic coercion and supply chain disruptions, increasing collaboration on development assistance across the globe.

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