The Affordable Care Act is more popular than ever, and Affordable Care Act coverage is more affordable than ever. More Americans have signed up for health care coverage through the Affordable Care Act marketplaces than ever before. With nearly a month left in open enrollment, more than 19 million people have signed up for coverage, breaking all previous records. Enrollment has grown by more than 7 million people since I took office. 

Thanks to policies I signed into law, millions of Americans are saving hundreds or thousands of dollars on health insurance premiums. Right now, four out five Americans who sign up for health insurance through the Affordable Care Act can find health care coverage for $10 a month or less.

Extreme Republicans want to stop these efforts in their tracks. While I’ve called for making lower premiums permanent, they’ve repeatedly pushed to repeal my Affordable Care Act improvements. That would raise costs for millions of people, especially older Americans and small business owners who rely on the marketplace for their coverage. And that’s just a stepping stone toward Republicans’ larger plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act, just as my predecessor repeatedly tried and failed to do. At every turn, extreme Republicans continue to side with special interests to keep prescription drug prices high and to deny millions of people health coverage.

I won’t let that happen on my watch. My Administration will continue fighting to expand health coverage and lower prescription drug costs for all – because every family deserves the dignity and peace of mind that comes with health insurance. And I’ll continue to encourage all Americans to visit before January 16th, 2024 to sign up for health coverage for this coming year.


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