President Biden has been clear that the United States strongly supports Israel’s right to defend itself following the horrific terrorist attacks that occurred on October 7 and in its effort to defeat Hamas to make sure that such an attack never happens again. This includes taking steps to cut off Hamas’ access to the international financial system. Since October 7, the United States has issued five rounds of sanctions against Hamas, including the most recent round of sanctions against Hamas last week. President Biden has also spoken about his concern about the rise in violence that we have seen in the West Bank from extremist actors—in particular the rise in extremist settler violence, which reached record levels in 2023. This violence poses a grave threat to peace, security, and stability in the West Bank, Israel, and the Middle East region, and threatens the national security and foreign policy interests of the United States.
Today, President Biden signed a new Executive Order to implement new measures to address actions that undermine peace, security, and stability in the West Bank. This E.O. will allow the United States to issue financial sanctions against those directing or participating in certain actions, including acts or threats of violence against civilians, intimidating civilians to cause them to leave their homes, destroying or seizing property, or engaging in terrorist activity in the West Bank. The State Department today will also be announcing an initial set of designations under this new E.O.
Today’s actions seek to promote peace and security for Israelis and Palestinians alike.


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