For decades, America has led the world in space exploration due, in no small part, to our courageous astronauts.

As Chair of the National Space Council, I congratulate the ten outstanding Americans who make up NASA’s latest class of astronauts. Our nation is grateful for their service and honors their commitment to our shared vision of exploration. Their determination, incredible skill, and training will help expand our understanding of the universe.

This diverse group of leaders from across our country will become a part of the next generation of space explorers who will break new barriers, including walking on the Moon as part of the Artemis campaign and traveling to Mars. They understand that, in this new era of space exploration, we must harness the many ways in which space can benefit the American people, all of humanity, and Earth.

I also want to extend my congratulations to the two astronauts from the United Arab Emirates who graduated alongside their NASA classmates today. This represents a concrete reminder that the United States is committed to strengthening our work in space through partnerships around the world.

As we celebrate this latest class of astronauts, the United States will continue to lead the return to the Moon with our commercial and international partners for scientific discovery, economic and societal benefits, and inspiration for a new generation of explorers.

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