Today, I am proud to announce that my Administration is releasing a new Global Health Security Strategy—outlining actions the United States will take over the next five years to prevent, detect, and effectively respond to biological threats wherever they emerge.

This has been a priority for me since day one. Every American experienced the profound impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. And every American saw how this global health challenge had local consequences—on our hospitals, our schools, our businesses, and our communities. No sector of society was immune. That’s why—as my Administration worked to end the COVID-19 pandemic—we’ve also focused on ensuring our nation is prepared for any future pandemic, outbreak, or biological threat.

This new Global Health Security Strategy lays out how we will deliver on this goal. It will help drive comprehensive and cohesive efforts across our government, while generating greater support from foreign partners, the private sector, and civil society to ensure long-term impact. It will help protect people—across our nation and around the world—from security threats, particularly those posed by infectious diseases. And it will make the United States stronger, safer, and healthier than ever before at this critical moment.


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