Today, with strong support from the United States, Kenyan forces part of the Multinational Security Support mission arrived in Haiti, beginning an effort that will bring much needed relief to Haitians. Rampant gang violence has killed or harmed thousands of children, women, and men. Over half a million people have been displaced. Gender-based violence is widespread. As gangs hinder access to critical supplies, nearly five million Haitians now face severe food insecurity.
The people of Haiti deserve to feel safe in their homes, build better lives for their families, and enjoy democratic freedoms. Haiti’s future depends on the return to democratic governance.  While these goals may not be accomplished overnight, this mission provides the best chance of achieving them. 
This mission will support the Haitian National Police as they increase their anti-gang operations, build their capacity to maintain public safety, and ensure that humanitarian assistance reaches those in need. And we’ve worked with Kenya and other partners to integrate critically important accountability and oversight measures into the mission.  

I commend – and am deeply grateful to – all the countries that have pledged personnel and financial support to this mission that will grow to 2,500 multinational personnel, led by Kenya and including Benin, Jamaica, The Bahamas, Belize, Barbados, Antigua and Barbuda, Bangladesh, Algeria, Canada, France, Germany, Trinidad and Tobago, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and Spain. For our part, the United States is this mission’s largest financial contributor, providing over $300 million and up to $60 million in equipment. And we will continue our diplomatic outreach to encourage more countries to join this effort, because what happens in Haiti matters to its neighbors, the region, and the world.

Haiti is an extraordinary country, and the people of Haiti deserve what people everywhere deserve: security, opportunity, and freedom. We are enriched by Haitian immigrants and Haitian Americans’ contributions. The United States has and will continue providing significant security, humanitarian, and economic development assistance, including my Administration’s strong support for trade preferences with Haiti.


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