With today’s report that 206,000 jobs were created last month, a record 15.7 million jobs have been created during my Administration. We have more work to do, but wages are growing faster than prices and more Americans are joining the workforce, with the highest share of working-age Americans in the workforce in over 20 years. That’s real progress for hardworking families who have the dignity and respect that comes with earning a paycheck and putting food on the table.

Too many Americans are still feeling squeezed by the cost of the living. I’m fighting to lower costs by taking on corporate price gouging, capping the cost of insulin and prescription drugs, and calling on Congress to lower rent by building 2 million new homes. Congressional Republicans have a different vision that sides with billionaires and special interests and will supercharge inflation. They’ll impose high consumer tariffs that will cost middle class families thousands of dollars each year,  give a giant tax cut to the wealthy, repeal the Affordable Care Act, and allow big corporations to keep ripping off Americans. While they fight for Park Avenue, I’ll keep fighting for working families like the ones I grew up with in Scranton.


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