On behalf of the Council of Economic Advisers, I congratulate Claudia Goldin on being awarded the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences for her pioneering research about women in the labor market. A pathbreaking economic historian and labor economist, Goldin was the first scholar to systematically explain the labor market for women over centuries. In a field that had been focused almost entirely on men, she brought together deep historical research with cutting-edge empirical analysis to shed light on how women engage in the market and what that means for their employment and earnings. Her research has produced invaluable insights for policymakers and she has been cited extensively in the Economic Report of the President, including eight times in the 2023 volume alone. Goldin’s contributions to the field of economics extend far beyond her trailblazing scholarship—she has mentored and inspired countless students in the profession, many of whom have served at the Council of Economic Advisers.

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