President Biden’s announcement of his inaugural National Drug Control Strategy, which outlines a whole-of-government approach to beat the overdose epidemic is receiving praise from public health and safety leaders, as well as Congressional, State, and Local officials from across the country.

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Public Health and Safety Leaders

The Police Assisted Addiction and Recovery Initiative (P.A.A.R.I.): “We applaud President Biden for taking bold action on the opioid and polysubstance use epidemic. With over 100,000 overdose deaths last year, breaking down barriers to access to treatment is more relevant and critical than ever. We applaud the President and Dr. Gupta’s call to expand programs like the fentanyl test strip program that PAARI partners successfully piloted in Massachusetts and Maine.” [Statement, 4/21/22]

Association for Behavioral Health and Wellness (ABHW): “Thank you @POTUS and @DrGupta46 for your focus on the #opioid epidemic. ABHW looks forward to working with you to implement the National Drug Control Strategy.” [Tweet, 4/21/22]

American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM): “The Biden-Harris Administration’s first National Drug Control Strategy represents a major step forward in the country’s efforts to end the deadly addiction and overdose crisis. ASAM applauds the Administration’s focus on improving access to patient-centered, evidence-based treatment, strengthening prevention and harm reduction approaches and promoting recovery. We look forward to working with the Administration and other stakeholders to implement many of the Strategy’s important initiatives in the months ahead.” [Statement, 4/21/22] 

Dr. Lynn Goldman, Dean, George Washington University School of Public Health: “WH releases 2022 National Drug Control Strategy! A “comprehensive path forward to address addiction and the overdose epidemic.” Urgently needed given the 106,854 lives lost to drug overdose this year alone. Great ideas for getting people into treatment, saving lives!” [Tweet, 4/21/22]

Trust for America’s Health: “TFAH applauds @ONDCP for the National Drug Control Strategy’s focus on the connections between SDoH, ACEs, & the risk of substance use disorder & its commitment to supporting population-levelprevention strategies, promoting diversity in the addiction treatment workforce & more.” [Tweet, 4/21/22]

The Police, Treatment, and Community Collaborative (PTACC): “The 2022 National Drug Control Strategy matters because it will do three very important things: reduce crime, reduce drug use, and help people and families, including our youth, to recover from the scourge of drug addiction. Through a major expansion of the role of deflection and pre-arrest diversion, the Strategy proposes practical, actionable, and doable local solutions that will now allow us to get people who use drugs into treatment, and hence into recovery, earlier than ever before possible. The Strategy makes clear that waiting for a crisis – an overdose, an ER visit, or a possible arrest is not the path our great nation will now take, but instead, using activities like specialized case management and harm reduction, we can reach more of our neighbors and do more good than we did before.” [4/22/22]

Shatterproof: “Shatterproof commends the Biden administration for its national strategy to address the nation’s addiction epidemic which needs an urgent response.  With overdose numbers at an all-time high of more than 100,000 deaths in one year, it is now more imperative than ever to offer accessible solutions, remove barriers to those seeking treatment and have a clear call to action.” [Statement, 4/21/22]

Drug Policy Alliance (DPA): “We applaud the Biden-Harris Administration for taking the historic step to support access and funding for harm reduction services and reduce barriers to life-saving medications. Despite over one million lives lost to drug overdose over the last 20-plus years, this is the first time an administration has included harm reduction in the National Drug Control Strategy.” [Statement, 4/21/22]

National Viral Hepatitis Roundtable: “NVHR commends the leadership of Dr. Rahul Gupta and the Office of National Drug Control Policy [ONDCP] in producing a strong and substantive national drug control strategy that meaningfully addresses the mounting challenges of the overdose crisis through proven harm reduction strategies. The Strategy, which emphasizes critical strategies for substance use disorder treatment and recovery, will help stem the tide in preventable overdose deaths and related infectious disease transmission and outbreaks, including hepatitis C…NVHR remains committed to working with the administration and Congress on implementing the Strategy through adequate federal funding and engagement with our partners in the harm reduction community.” [Statement, 4/21/22]

Overdose Prevention Initiative: “The Overdose Prevention Initiative supports and applauds @POTUS and @ONDCP’s commitment to increasing access to lifesaving treatment and harm reduction services.” [Tweet, 4/21/22]


Representative Carolyn Maloney: “The 2022 National Drug Control Strategy reflects the Biden-Harris Administration’s deep commitment to overcoming our nation’s overdose crisis and ensuring that every person who experiences addiction can achieve and sustain recovery. I applaud the Office of National Drug Control Policy for its work to expand access to high-quality treatment and harm reduction services, disrupt the flow of dangerous substances into the United States, and advance equity in the federal government’s response to overdose and addiction.  I look forward to hearing directly from Director Gupta about the National Drug Control Strategy and the Administration’s progress in overcoming this public health crisis.” [Statement, 4/21/22]

Representative Katherine Clark: “No community has been untouched by the opioid epidemic. Saving lives means prioritizing harm reduction & increasing access to treatment, and I’m proud to see my student loan repayment program for the SUD workforce included in @POTUS’ plan to tackle this crisis.” [Tweet, 4/21/22]

Representative Paul Tonko: “Thank you to @POTUS and @ONDCP for today’s release of the National Drug Control Strategy.  This bold agenda will get more dangerous drugs off the street and help eliminate barriers to treatment for those struggling with addiction.” [Tweet, 4/21/22]

Representative Jenniffer González-Colon: “I welcome @ONDCP’s new Caribbean Border Counternarcotics Strategy, which accompanies the 2022 National Drug Control Strategy released yesterday. Prioritizing efforts to combat drug trafficking and transnational criminal organizations is crucial for Puerto Rico. That’s why I’ve advocated for and secured legislative language requiring @ONDCP to publish and regularly update the Caribbean Border strategy.” [Tweet, 4/22/22]

Representative Scott Peters: “@POTUS’ Drug Control Strategy offers solutions to fight the opioid epidemic and prevent drug-related tragedies in the U.S. I look forward to working with the White House in my capacity as @NewDemCoalition’s Vice Chair for Policy to implement these measures and save lives.” [Tweet, 4/21/22]

Representative David Trone: “…By establishing strategies to increase access to life-saving medications like naloxone; disrupt the drug supply through targeted oversight and enforcement; and, improve data collection to allow for more effective local responses, the ONDCP’s new Strategic Plan underscores the Administration’s commitment to its Unity Agenda. [Statement, 4/21/22]

Senator Ed Markey: “For too long racism and stigma have driven the federal government to respond to substance use and addiction with the failed tactics of the ‘War on Drugs.’ I am pleased that the Biden administration is focused on tackling the addiction and overdose crisis with policies that seek to heal, not incarcerate and ostracize, those with substance-use disorder.” [Statement, 4/21/22]

Representative Lori Trahan: “So grateful to have @POTUS as a partner in our ongoing work to end the opioid epidemic, which will save countless lives in the Commonwealth and across the country.” [Tweet, 4/21/22]

Representative Tim Ryan: “Important steps taken by this Administration to address the opioid crisis and fentanyl poisoning that has devastated so many lives in Ohio and across this country. Ending this epidemic happens only if we tackle addiction and confront it right at the source. This plan does both.”[Tweet, 4/21/22]

Senator Jeanne Shaheen: “NH has been on the frontlines of the substance use disorder crisis for years, which is why I’ve made it a priority to address this epidemic head on. Encouraged @POTUS is also supporting & equipping communities with more tools to help turn the tide on this crisis.” [Tweet, 4/21/22]

Representative Annie Kuster: “Every life lost to an overdose is a tragedy. I am pleased to see the Biden administration’s ONDCP taking clear, decisive steps to stop the flow of illicit drugs into our country and remove barriers to recovery. I have long said that in order to address the addiction epidemic, we must jointly lower demand and decrease supply. This new plan follows that approach and prioritizes reaching those most at risk of overdose, expanding access to harm reduction resources like naloxone, and disrupting the flow of illegal drugs across our borders by targeting drug traffickers, supply chains, and financial networks.”[Tweet, 4/21/22]

Representative Kim Schrier: “As the co-chair of the @NewDemCoalition Health Care Task Force, I’m glad to see an organized strategy to prevent overdose deaths. In WA, drug-related overdose deaths surpassed 2,000 in 2021, a significant jump from 2019 #s. We must do more to prevent drug overdoses and deaths.” [Tweet, 4/21/22]

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse: “Illicit drugs cause immeasurable pain and loss in our communities.  As the Chairman of the Senate Caucus on International Narcotics Control, I’ve pressed for an updated federal plan to tackle them.  I’ve been clear that the plan must include a more coordinated approach to cracking down on drug trafficking and transnational criminal organizations, especially the ways in which they launder and protect their ill-gotten gains using U.S. rule of law and financial networks; tearing down barriers to treatment, including expanding access to life-saving naloxone and medication-assisted treatment; improving our data collection systems to better understand the effects of our intervention efforts; and more and better cooperation with our international partners to reduce the supply of precursor chemicals used to manufacture illicit drugs and to levy tougher sanctions against transnational drug syndicates.  I’m pleased to see my priorities reflected in this new strategy, and I look forward to working with the Biden administration to deliver on those priorities.” [Statement, 4/22/22]

Senator Tammy Baldwin: “The opioid epidemic and substance use disorder crisis continues to touch every community across Wisconsin and the pandemic has only made this epidemic worse. Now is the time for bold action to save lives. I am proud to stand with the Biden Administration in taking action to combat this epidemic with a comprehensive plan to support individuals and families facing addiction.” [Statement, 4/21/22]

New Democrat Coalition: “The New Democrat Coalition welcomes @POTUS’ National Drug Control Strategy. Last year, more Americans died from an overdose than ever before. New Dems look forward to working with the Biden administration to implement this plan, combat the opioid epidemic, and save lives.” [Tweet, 4/21/22]

Local and State Leaders

National Association of Counties (NACo):“#Counties play a key role in assisting those who suffer from substance use disorders. We applaud the @WhiteHouse @ONDCP new efforts to reduce untreated addiction and drug trafficking.” [Tweet, 4/21/22] 

Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott: “Today, @POTUS released our nation’s 1st ever National Drug Control Strategy. This new path forward will enhance access to evidence-based harm reduction measures while also holding drug traffickers accountable. This is how we beat the overdose epidemic and heal our communities.” [Tweet, 4/21/22]   

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer: “Drugs are at the root of so much despair in our community, and we need every bit of support to help people recover from substance use disorder while also stemming trafficking. Thankful for @POTUS’s focus on this issue that affects so many families.”[Tweet, 4/21/22]  

New Bedford Mayor Jon Mitchell: “The pandemic has obscured the reality that the other vexing public health challenge of our era, #opiate addiction, is still taking American lives. @POTUS’s comprehensive plan deals with it head-on. #nationaldrugcontrolstrategy” [Tweet, 4/21/22]   

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf: “TY @POTUS for proposing a long-needed national drug strategy that addresses untreated addiction & drug trafficking. It instructs federal agencies to prioritize actions that will save lives & get people care while disrupting trafficking that victimizes our communities.” [Tweet, 4/21/22]   

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney: “Drug overdoses have taken a devastating toll on our city and nation. @POTUS’s new National Drug Control Strategy addresses two of the major drivers of overdoses. I urge Congress to implement this strategy to make our communities healthier and save lives.” [Tweet, 4/21/22]   

Seattle Mayor Bruce Harrell: “Today’s announcement from @POTUS is essential to addressing drug trafficking and supporting communities impacted. The effects of this crisis are evident across Seattle and the country – a coordinated approach with federal partners is critical for progress.” [Tweet, 4/21/22]  

Democratic Mayors Association: “Today the White House released its 2022 National Drug Control Strategy, which advises agencies to prioritize efforts that will save lives, get Americans the care they need, go after drug traffickers’ profits, and more.” [Tweet, 4/21/22] 

Connecticut Attorney General William Tong: “The opioid crisis calls for an “all hands on deck” response. @WhiteHouse National Drug Control Strategy is a powerful call to action marshaling resources across the federal government to save lives and stop this epidemic.” [Tweet, 4/21/22] 

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro: “To combat the opioid epidemic we need a holistic approach — one that targets drug traffickers peddling poison while also getting individual Pennsylvanians the help they need. Glad to see White House adopting similar strategies. It’s the only way we win.” [Tweet, 4/21/22] 

Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey: “Opioid overdose deaths are rising, and my office has prioritized maximizing resources for cities and towns facing this crisis head on. I commend @POTUS for putting a plan forward that expands on those efforts.” [Tweet, 4/22/22]

District of Columbia Attorney General Karl A. Racine: “The opioid epidemic has already taken a tragic toll on our communities—and in recent years it’s gotten even worse. I’m encouraged President Biden is planning to expand access to harm reduction services to help address the crisis.” [Tweet, 4/21/22]   


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