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One Year of Biden- Harris

President Biden and Vice President Harris promised to move quickly to deliver results for working families. That’s what they’ve done.

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Hear from Americans across the country about what President Biden and Vice President Harris got done for them this year.

Year One Highlights

One Year of Biden-Harris

President Biden and Vice President Harris took office amid several crises – and they promised to move quickly to deliver results for working families. That’s what they’ve done. Here is just some of what President Biden and Vice President Harris have delivered for the American people since taking office:

Got Shots in Arms and Saved Lives

The President set up a historic vaccination program that resulted in more than 200 million Americans fully vaccinated this year: almost 75% of all adults. Millions of teenagers and children are now vaccinated, and tens of millions of Americans are getting booster shots. The President closed the racial equity gap in COVID vaccinations among adults. And, about 96% of schools are open. All these steps have saved and continue to save countless lives.

Drove a Historic Economic Recovery & Jobs Growth

President Biden has grown the economy faster than in decades and added 6.4 million jobs - more in one year than ever on record. Recent weekly unemployment claims are down near a level not seen since 1969. Economic growth is the strongest in two generations .

Passed the American Rescue Plan and Bipartisan Infrastructure Law

President Biden got the American Rescue Plan and the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law passed -- the most impactful legislative agenda for a first year President. The American Rescue Plan led to what experts estimate will be the lowest child poverty rate on record, and the unemployment rate is down to 3.9% four years faster than projected. The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law will create jobs, provide clean drinking water, upgrade our roads, airports, and rail, and is a critical first step towards a clean energy future.

Expanded Affordable Health Care

President Biden increased the number of Americans with health care coverage to the highest number ever and slashed premiums for millions. As a result of his actions, hundreds of thousands of Americans pay premiums as low as $10. He just banned surprise billing, an issue that has been particularly concerning to Americans in the past few years, and lowered the co-pays that many Americans pay.

Restored America’s Global Leadership

President Biden restored our global alliances and ended America’s longest war. For the first time in a generation, Americans are not deployed overseas in an ongoing war. The United States donated and delivered nearly 400 million vaccinations to developing countries – more than every other country in the world.

Took Aggressive Action to Tackle the Climate Crisis

President Biden rejoined the Paris Agreement and reestablished U.S. leadership at the global conference on climate change. He jumpstarted an electric future made in America, doubling electric vehicle sales in a year. He is deploying more wind and solar energy than ever before, addressing the long-lasting negative effects of legacy pollution and advancing environmental justice in underserved communities, and creating good-paying, union jobs that are making our country stronger and more resilient to the changing climate.

Addressed Gun Violence and Crime

President Biden issued a comprehensive strategy to reduce gun crime, including cracking down on gun trafficking and the proliferation of “ghost guns.” The Department of Justice banned federal law enforcement from using choke holds and “no-knock” entries. And, President Biden provided cities historic levels of funding through the American Rescue Plan to put more cops on the beat and invest in community programs that are proven to reduce crime and make our communities safer.

Bolstered Domestic Manufacturing

President Biden increased the competitiveness of the U.S. economy by finalizing the most significant changes to Buy American in almost 70 years. He directed federal dollars to U.S. manufacturers by creating the first-ever Made in America Office. Under his Made in America Executive Order, federal purchases will help to bolster domestic manufacturing and manufacturing supply chains, and support good-paying, union jobs.

Confirmed Historic Judges

More of President Biden’s lower-court judicial nominees were confirmed in his first year than any president since Kennedy – and the President appointed more Black women on the Court of Appeals than any President ever.

Advanced Racial Equity

President Biden signed a Day One Executive Order on advancing equity and racial justice and a separate Executive Order to expand diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility across the federal government. The Administration set a government-wide goal of increasing the share of federal contracts to small disadvantaged businesses, including those owned by people of color, by 50% by FY25 – meaning an increase of $100 billion to these firms over five years. The Administration provided $3 billion in the American Rescue Plan specifically for Tribal communities and Native people and $13 billion in direct investments in Tribal communities through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.

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