President Trump’s Latest China Tariffs Are the Right Thing to Do

”The fundamental problem facing the global trading system today is that since the turn of the century China has behaved like an outlaw at the center of world commerce,” Gordon Chang writes. “China has, through theft and forced taking, grabbed U.S. intellectual property worth hundreds of billions of dollars each year. This has, with justification, been called the biggest theft in history.”

The bottom line? “President Trump can’t arrest Chinese officials for theft, but he can impose tariffs to deter further crime,” Chang says.

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President Trump recognized the contributions of “Latino entrepreneurs to the United States during a White House event for the Hispanic Heritage Month celebration,” The Associated Press reports. “America is winning again and Hispanic-owned businesses are leading the way,” the President said yesterday during the event.

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“A record-low 12% of Americans currently cite some aspect of the economy as the most important problem facing the U.S., down from 17% last month and one percentage point below the previous low of 13% recorded in May 1999,” Frank Newport writes for Gallup.

In The Huffington Post, Roque Planas writes that The Washington Post unethically distorted key facts when they alleged that the Trump Administration is systematically denying passports to Latinos along the border. Planas explains that “the Post’s report remains misleading. It relies on anecdotal evidence to make an explosive claim that’s contradicted by official data ― and doesn’t make that fact clear. It implies that years-old practices are new. And the paper consistently refused to correct the record unless it was called out by other reporters.”

“The Senate overwhelmingly passed a bill on Monday that would prohibit a controversial practice through which insurers and drug middlemen prevent consumers from paying less at the pharmacy counter on prescription drugs,” Robert King reports in the Washington Examiner. “Americans deserve to know the lowest drug price at their pharmacy, but ‘gag clauses’ prevent your pharmacist from telling you! I support legislation that will remove gag clauses and urge the Senate to act,” President Trump tweeted yesterday.