HHS Secretary: Short-term health insurance plans are an affordable option

Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar writes in CNN that “since Obamacare was enacted, affordable, individualized health care coverage choices have all but disappeared for many Americans.” Secretary Azar explains that President Trump “has made it a priority to open up new options for health insurance for Americans, and issued an executive order to that effect in October. In particular, we need to be opening up more affordable alternatives to Affordable Care Act health insurance policies, which are becoming increasingly unaffordable for many.”

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In The Daily Caller, Christopher Bedford writes that despite the media narrative, President Trump has been tougher on Russia than the previous administration. “President Obama was afraid to enforce America’s chemical weapon treaty with Syria because he didn’t want a confrontation with the Russians. President Trump struck Syria without a single utterance about red lines,” Bedford cites as one example.

The New York Post Editorial Board writes that “Nancy Pelosi might call those $1,000 bonuses that many saw after the GOP tax cut ‘crumbs,’ but she’s certainly not going hungry, and voters are calling her out on her . . . rich hypocrisy.” The Ed. Board editors explain that the House minority leader is touring the country “to warn that the tax cuts will devastate the working class — a tough task when most people are getting at least a small boost to their paychecks.”

In The Detroit News, Rep. Tim Walberg (R-MI) says that “since the tax cut law was enacted, the positive benefits have been resonating across the country.” Rep. Walberg notes that “hardly a day goes by without new reports of more businesses hiring, increasing wages, and offering bonuses and other benefits like paid leave and enhanced 401(k)’s to their employees.”

“Arizona Public Service Co. customers will see an average $5.40 drop in their monthly bills starting in March thanks to President Donald Trump’s tax cuts, officials said Thursday,” Ryan Randazzo reports in The Arizona Republic. “APS asked for the rate cut in January, saying the president’s tax cuts would allow it to cut $119 million from its rates,” Randazzo writes. “The company now will be taxed at 21 percent, compared with 35 percent before the changes. APS passes its tax expenses on to customers.”

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