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  • Weekly Address: Reining in Budget Deficits

    The President pledges to rein the deficit, citing three specific steps to this end: restoring pay-as-you-go, a freeze in discretionary spending, and a Fiscal Commission to hammer out further concrete proposals.

  • GSA: Year One

    Stephen Leeds, Acting Administrator of the General Services Administration, provides an update on what the office has accomplished this year and what they'll be working on in the coming year.

  • Taking a Hatchet to the Facts

    Ken Baer of the Office of Management and Budget explains how an AP piece got it wrong on the President's call for a budget freeze.

  • Putting Washington at the Service of the Middle Class

    Deputy Chief of Staff Mona Sutphen gives a run-down of some key policy points in the President's State of the Union Address.

  • Budget Freeze-eology 101: Hatchets vs. Scalpels

    So I’m on my way to do a TV interview last night on a set of middle-class initiatives we announced yesterday, when I learn that what they really want to talk about is our proposed freeze on non-security discretionary spending. Ok — I’m flexible — and in fact, the two are related in an important way that folks need to understand.

  • A Closer Look

    Jim Gilio, White House Spokesperson for the Recovery Act, takes a closer look at some of the Recovery Act projects and initiatives that have been getting attention in the media.

  • The Cabinet Reporting to the President … and to You

    Cabinet Secretary Chris Lu announces the fifth Cabinet Meeting of the Administration and a new interactive online feature showcasing Cabinet officials.

  • The First Cuts Are the Deepest

    OMB Director Peter Orszag talks about findings from the Washington Times showing how successful the Obama Administration has been at cutting the budget.

  • Modernizing Government

    OMB Director Peter Orszag talks about the White House Forum on Modernizing Government happening this afternoon.

  • Nancy Fichtner's SAVE Award Story

    Nancy Fichtner, a VA employee from Grand Junction, CO, reports on the experience of winning the first annual SAVE Award and delivering her winning idea of letting VA patients take home their unused medication to the President.