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  • VA Innovations Serve Veteran Entrepreneurs as Part of Small Business Week

    In his Proclamation naming this Small Business Week, the President explains that “small businesses are the backbone of our economy and the cornerstones of America's promise.” Veterans increasingly make up part of that backbone as entrepreneurs translating their service-related skills into job-creating companies.

  • National Small Business Week is Here!

    Karen Mills, Administrator of the Small Business Administration, discusses the release of The Small Business Agenda: Growing America’s Small Businesses to Win the Future report. The report details the many things the Administration has done over the past two years to help small businesses do what they do best: create jobs.

  • Winning the Future in Sacramento

    Lorraine Hariton, Special Representative for Commercial and Business Affairs at the Department of State, describes a White House Business Council roundtable in Sacramento.

  • Hearing from Entrepreneurs in Pittsburgh and Atlanta

    The economic security and vitality of the United States has always been deeply rooted in American innovation. Time and time again, the story of our growth has been written by the daring drive of entrepreneurs who were willing to roll the dice on just an idea.

  • “Boulder is for Startups"

    Fifteen years ago, Boulder was considered a sleepy college town known mostly for its great rock-climbing. Today, Boulder is home to one of the strongest entrepreneurial communities in the country, with close to 200 fledgling tech companies and a city campaign that proclaims “Boulder is for startups.”

  • The 'America's Next Top Energy Innovator' Challenge Begins Today

    Starting today and until December 15, start-up companies can apply for one of the Department of Energy's thousands of unlicensed patents for greatly reduced cost and paperwork.

  • Listening to American Business Communities

    Dr. Rebecca Blank, Under Secretary of Commerce for Economic Affairs and Martha N. Johnson, Administrator, General Services Administration, hold a roundtable with the business community in Seattle.

  • North Carolina Universities Join Together to Create More Startups and Quality Jobs

    When the White House launched the Startup America initiative less than 90 days ago, the President issued a call to action to the private sector, challenging leaders of companies, universities, and foundations to dramatically accelerate the success of America’s high-growth entrepreneurs.

  • Diversity Fuels Innovation: A New Startup Alliance for Women in Technology

    The Shared Responsibility and Shared Prosperity town hall hosted by the President will be followed by two panel discussions, one focused on the Startup America initiative to accelerate high-growth entrepreneurship and one focused on the role of Women in Technology.

  • Startup America: New Commitments Fueling America’s Entrepreneurs

    Following the President's Facebook town hall this afternoon, join Council of Economic Advisors Chairman Austan Goolsbee and a group of entrepreneurs for a livestreamed panel on Startup America, the White House-led initiative to encourage and accelerate high-growth entrepreneurship across the country.