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  • Taking Action to Reduce Carbon Pollution at the State, Local, and Tribal Level

    For decades, state, city, county, and tribal leaders have led the way in reducing pollution, making our communities healthier and cleaner. The EPA's new carbon pollution standard proposal puts tools in the hands of each state -– there’s no one-size-fits-all approach here.

  • My Brother's Keeper: 90 Days In

    President Obama meets with the My Brother's Keeper Task Force to receive a report on the progress made in the first 90 days of the initiative, as well as an initial set of recommendations.

  • Improving Outcomes for America’s Foster Children

    As a part of National Foster Care Month, California Congresswoman Karen Bass, over 60 former foster youth, and the cast members and creators of Disney’s The Fosters come to the White House to discuss ways to better ensure the health, safety, and economic empowerment of foster youth.

  • A New Strategy to Drive Down the "Soft Costs" of Solar

    Over the course of the Obama Administration, we have increased U.S. solar electricity generation by ten-fold and, in the last year alone added more than 23,600 new jobs in solar. But there is more to do before solar energy can be effectively harnessed by every American. That’s why, last week, DOE announced an even more aggressive strategy to address “soft costs” of solar.

  • Leading Academics Discuss Changes in Family Life and Implications for 21st Century Workplaces

    In advance of the White House Summit on Working Families, we've engaged working families, business leaders, and other stakeholders to determine how best to meet the needs of 21st century families and workplaces. We continued this conversation by meeting with academics to discuss the most recent research on working families, including changing demographics, modern marriage, workplace flexibility, and effective management practices that boost companies’ bottom lines by boosting the productivity of their workers.

  • Of Selfless Sacrifice and Shared Burdens

    Clara Gantt waited to be reunited with her husband, a veteran of World War II and the Korean War. She waited, and waited, and waited -- never to remarry. An American story of timeless love and loyalty was shared by the President during his Memorial Day remarks this year at Arlington National Cemetery.

  • Girls Rule at 2014 White House Science Fair

    This year’s White House Science Fair features a special focus on girls and women who are excelling in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) and inspiring us all with their work. Since the beginning of his Administration, the President has been committed to getting more underrepresented groups, including women and girls, excited to excel at STEM subjects.

  • Meet the Exhibitors in the 2014 White House Science Fair

    The White House Science Fair features extraordinary science projects and experiments from some of America’s most innovative students. Find out more about the students participating in this year’s Science Fair.

  • President Obama Speaks from Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day

    President Obama commemorates Memorial Day by traveling to Arlington National Cemetery, laying a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, and delivering remarks honoring our fallen troops.

  • The Harvey Milk Forever Stamp Is Dedicated

    On what would have been his 84th birthday, Harvey Milk had a stamp dedicated in his honor at the White House.