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  • Mohawks, Mars, Big Ideas, & Beautiful Data Addressed at White House “State of STEM” Event for Kids

    At the first-ever White House State of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (SoSTEM) event, nearly 100 press-pass wielding middle- and high-schoolers spent an hour questioning top S&T innovators about all things STEM. The event marked an unprecedented opportunity for DC-area kids from local schools and organizations to grill Administration officials and others working to advance the American innovation agenda.

  • STEM at State of the Union!

    Among the esteemed guests who will be sitting with the First Lady during tonight’s State of the Union address, three are outstanding leaders in the STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and math). Through their accomplishments, these individuals personify a theme of longstanding importance to President Obama: the centrality of science, technology, and innovation to America’s ongoing global leadership.

  • Consumer.Data.Gov is Live!

    Today, the Obama Administration launched the Smart Disclosure Data Community at, an important step to empower Americans with the data and tools they need to make more informed choices in the marketplace.“Smart disclosure” is the act of making potentially useful data more readily available—both to consumers and innovators.

  • Throw Your Hat in the Ring for Round 2 of the Presidential Innovation Fellows Program

    The Presidential Innovation Fellows program recruits top innovators and entrepreneurs from the private sector for 6-12 month “tours of duty” in government to help develop innovative solutions in areas of national significance

  • Open Government Data Spurs Entrepreneurship and Jobs

    Freely available data from the US Government is an important national resource, serving as fuel for entrepreneurship, innovation, scientific discovery, and other public benefits.Our goal, as Presidential Innovation Fellows working with open data, has been to find, unlock, and promote the next wave of government data—the next GPS—that innovators can use to kickstart entrepreneurship, fuel new tools and apps, and create jobs.

  • A Record Year for the American Wind Industry

    The Obama Administration has made extraordinary progress in developing a clean energy economy and protecting our environment for years to come.

  • Help NASA Power the International Space Station

    Last week, NASA launched the ISS Longeron Shadowing Optimization Challenge—a $30,000 competition that challenges citizen solvers to develop software algorithms that make solar panels on the International Space Station (ISS) more efficient. NASA is seeking solutions that reduce or eliminate the shadows the station casts upon itself at various points during its orbits of Earth. Ultimately, winning algorithms will help add power to the space station and expand the number and types of science experiments that can performed onboard.

  • Building Apps and Services for Financial Empowerment

    The Department of the Treasury recently hosted a Finance Data Working Session to brainstorm new uses and applications of government data that would help empower consumers. At the session, which was convened as part of Treasury’s broader Finance Data Initiative, over 50 entrepreneurs discussed dozens of ideas for new features, products, services, and apps that use government data to help American consumers make informed choices.

  • Codeathons in 3 U.S. Cities Support Equal Futures App Challenge

    Back in September of 2011, in his address to the United Nations General Assembly, President Obama issued a call to action to countries around the world to “break down economic and political barriers that stand in the way of women and girls.” As part of America’s answer to this call, the White House launched the Equal Futures App Challenge – to create apps that inspire girls and young women to become leaders in our democracy.

  • Materials Innovation for the 21st Century

    This Administration has taken a proactive approach to improve our domestic materials capabilities. A significant milestone in this effort was President Obama’s 2011 launch of the ambitious Materials Genome Initiative—a collaboration between government, private-sector, and academic leaders to discover and deploy new cutting-edge materials faster and cheaper than ever before. This week, in another important milestone, the Department of Energy (DOE) announced a $120 million award over five years to establish a new Energy Innovation Hub—the Critical Materials Institute (CMI).