Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, about 10 million Americans have gained health coverage.

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  • The Faces of Health Care: Katherine R.

    "We were just about to be a statistic: being over 50 and experience a decline in work and health simultaneously. I'm sure Obamacare is why we are still in our home today." 


    Self-employed for 32 years in Portland, Oregon, Katherine R. and her family had to pay for health care completely out of pocket and could never rely on unemployment during hard times -- "a luxury most folks take for granted." 

    But the Affordable Care Act came just in time for her and her family.

  • The Faces of Health Care: Deborah K.

    "With my ACA coverage, I'm free to own my own business, consulting from home while ensuring I am able to manage my condition and stay healthy." 

    The day Deborah was laid off, she was wearing a 24-hour heart monitor. She has a chronic autoimmune disorder that requires continuous health coverage. Before the Affordable Care Act, a loss like this would mean paying egregious medical costs or driving from Los Angeles to Mexico for affordable medications. But the Affordable Care Act changed all that. 

  • The Faces of Health Care: Karen M.

    "I was a prime candidate for a major heart attack, and because of the anomalies in my heart's structure, I may not have survived it. I am 110% better, back to work, and out of pain. Health care reform gave me that chance." 

    A small business owner, a primary breadwinner, a working mother of four -- Karen M. is a lot of different things. But one person she did not want to be is a heart attack victim. 

    Her mother had a heart attack at 46 years of age. Karen herself had a persistent pain that had plagued her for years. But when she opened her own business in 2004, she found that she could not keep her coverage nor qualify for a new plan because of her pre-existing condition. So, for 10 years, she was forced to manage her chronic illness without health coverage. "I depended upon our local low cost clinic" in Burien, Washington, she said. "So I had the bare necessities covered, but there were no affordable options for follow up care." 

  • The Faces of Health Care: Astrid M.

    "I am a wife and mother to 2 young children, ages 6 & 10. I am recovering and alive because I had insurance."

    Something didn't feel right, and Astrid knew it. And in April of 2013, she saw an ENT who found the unthinkable: a brain tumor. But Astrid, the mother of two young children, was a self-employed virtual assistant and cardio dance instructor, and she didn't have insurance -- so she couldn't afford to get the treatment she desperately needed.

    After the Health Insurance Marketplace opened in 2014, however, Astrid was finally able to purchase insurance that would cover her medical costs.

    "Because of Obamacare, I was able to have the surgery I needed and the tumor was removed on August 28, 2014," she wrote. "Had I not had the surgery, the surgeon said the tumor could have killed me in another 2 years."

    For a cardio dance instructor, a half-marathon runner, and an active mother, the recovery has been hard. Now, she has to use a cane to walk and has partial hearing issues and facial paralysis. But she is grateful to have been able to get the treatment she needed and is taking her recovery one day at a time.

    "I am just so blessed," she said. "I don't know what would have happened to me. I am so grateful to God and to the [Affordable Care Act]. Everything was covered."

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  • The Faces of Health Care: April W.

    "I just wanted to write you to say this: THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! Without you and your Affordable Care Act, I would now be nearly $24,000 in debt with no way to pay for it."

    It was a freak accident. After losing her job at a uranium enrichment plant in Paducah, Kentucky, April had landed a new job and just needed to be employed for 60 days to get covered by her new employer. But one day, she turned her ankle while walking down some steps. Not only did she dislocate her ankle, she broke her leg in two places. "I required surgery to repair my broken tibia and fibula and to put my ankle back in place," she said. 

    Fortunately, after losing her job at the plant, April bought a health care plan online through the Health Insurance Marketplace -- so she was covered when she fell.

  • The Faces of Health Care: Anthony C.

    "If it weren't for [the Affordable Care Act], my family would be uninsured."   

    Anthony has spent his life working to help customers with their mortgages. He owned his own mortgage company for 20 years. But when banks started closing up shop, Anthony had to follow suit in 2011. He tried working for a few banks but felt that their "too big to fail" mentality translated into "too big to care." 

    So now he works as a business development manager for a mortgage broker, but his company doesn't offer health insurance. He was worried that he and his family would have to go uninsured. Thankfully, he checked New York's health exchange and realized he qualified for affordable health insurance.