THE PRESIDENT:  I’m going to be late to a very important date.  If I miss this — getting out to see my wife — I’m in trouble.
Q    President Biden, how did your meeting on DACA go?
THE PRESIDENT:  It went very well.  What I think we sh- — I think we should include in the reconciliation bill the immigration proposal.  My staff is putting out a message right now.
Q    Mr. President, do you think the country will have another wave — another peak of cases? 
THE PRESIDENT:  Say again?
Q    Do you think the United States will have another wave of cases, another peak of coronavirus cases?
THE PRESIDENT:  I hope not.
Q    Mr. President, did you talk to Kyrsten Sinema about the reconciliation package when you spoke to her on infrastructure the other day?  She says she’s not on board with the $3.5 trillion (inaudible). 
THE PRESIDENT:  She’s on board for passing if in fact she sees all the pieces of it.  That’s why she allowed the budget to go forward.

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