The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) will deploy record investments to provide affordable high-speed internet, safer roads and bridges, modern wastewater and sanitation systems, clean drinking water, reliable and affordable electricity, and good paying jobs in every Tribal community. The law provides more than $13 billion in funding to directly support Tribal communities and makes Tribes eligible to apply for or request billions in discretionary, formula, and other funding. In total, this funding represents the single largest investment in Tribal infrastructure ever. To help Tribal applicants navigate the full range of funds both available to Tribal Nations and set aside for their communities, this playbook provides an overview of the “what, when, where, and how” to apply for funds.

Bipartisan Infrastructure Law Tribal Playbook

This playbook has two specific goals, and is organized in two parts:

  1. Identify programs and sources of funds specifically set aside for Tribal communities under the law. There are over $13 billion dollars in Tribal-specific programs or set-asides for Tribes within existing programs under the law. The first half of this document provides an outline of these funds and guidance on where to seek technical assistance and further information.
  2. Provide a guide to Tribal eligibility for other programs under the law and identify specific benefits or flexibilities for Tribes and Tribal communities – like waivers for Federal matching requirements for Tribal Nations that apply for competitive funds or enhanced benefits under existing programs for members of Tribal Nations. In partnership with the Bureau of Indian Affairs, the White House also has identified more than 150 programs under the law where Tribes or Tribal entities are eligible to apply for funding.

Full List of Tribal-eligible Programs

The latest BIL fact sheet for Tribal investments can also be found here.

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