By OIRA Administrator Richard L. Revesz

The Biden-Harris Administration is committed to investing in America, lowering costs for families, combating climate change, and growing the economy from the middle out and bottom upand is using every available tool to improve Americans’ lives, including Federal regulations. OIRA is responsible for coordinating the review of these proposed and final regulations consistent with Executive Orders 12866, 13563, and 14094. OIRA also reviews Federal agencies’ information collections under the Paperwork Reduction Act, and has a variety of other responsibilities related to privacy, science and statistical policy, and other areas.

In addition to these important roles, OIRA undertakes proactive work to improve and modernize the regulatory review process. This year has been a significant one for OIRA—publishing analysis, updating guidance, and engaging in numerous proactive efforts worth celebrating—showing just how much the small but mighty team of OIRA staff have been able to achieve:

Strengthening and Modernizing Our Regulatory System

Lowering Costs, Tackling the Climate Crisis, and Investing in America by Improving Regulatory Analysis

Making It Easier to Access Government Benefits and Services

Promoting Public Participation in Rulemaking

  • On April 6, OIRA published draft guidance on revisions to its policies and practices regarding meetings with OIRA while regulations are under review (Executive Order 12866 meetings).
  • On December 20, OIRA finalized guidance on its policies and practices regarding these meetings. These meetings are important because they offer an opportunity for individuals to provide OIRA with information that may be relevant for the regulatory review process. The guidance describes steps that OIRA is taking to encourage feedback from a broad array of stakeholders through these meetings. For example, OIRA is making it easier to request meetings through OIRA’s online portal; providing plain language information on OIRA’s website to help individuals prepare for these meetings; posting a video how-to guide for how to request meetings (Español); and offering periodic and accessible public trainings on effective participation in these meetings. For more, see the Promoting Public Engagement in OIRA’s Regulatory Review Process blog post.

Protecting the Environment and Encouraging Innovative Solutions with Science and Statistical Policy

  • On January 19, OIRA, OSTP, and the Department of Commerce published the final National Strategy to Develop Statistics for Environmental-Economic Decisions (SEED). Current national economic statistics measure the U.S. economy in a manner that does not account for the role and value of underlying natural assets, such as land, water, minerals, animals, and plants. SEED is a historic, multi-year effort to expand the national economic accounting system by including natural capital, which will better capture the links between nature and the economy and lead to a more comprehensive account of the role of nature in economy activity. For more, see the National Strategy to Put Nature on the Nation’s Balance Sheet fact sheet.

I am so proud of what OIRA accomplished in 2023, and look forward to more progress throughout 2024.

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