Federal Government Grants for Substance Use Issues

ONDCP works with other Federal agencies to provide public funding to address the drug crisis in states, tribes, counties, and communities across the nation. Organizations interested in funding for substance use prevention, treatment, and recovery efforts can view active funding opportunities here.

Additionally, drug control grant awards can be found here.

Lastly, information regarding the evaluation, performance, and effectiveness of Federal agency programs and initiatives can be found here.

Parties interested in applying for Federal grants should review these resources on the Grants Learning Center. For more questions about applying for Federal grant opportunities, please reach out to Scott_L_Chronister@ondcp.eop.gov.


ONDCP carries out several of its statutory authorities through instructions set forth in a series of Circulars.  These Circulars articulate the requirements in the areas of budget, performance, and policy.

Policy Coordination (dated May 8, 2018)

The ONDCP Circular on policy coordination, pursuant to 21 U.S.C. §1704 (b), provides guidance for National Drug Control Program agencies for obtaining approval, from the Director of ONDCP, prior to initiating a change in drug policy.

Budget Formulation (dated May 8, 2018)

This Circular provides instructions for use by National Drug Control Program agencies when preparing drug control budgets to be submitted to the Office of National Drug Control Policy for review, certification, and inclusion in the consolidated National Drug Control Budget.

Budget Execution (dated May 8, 2018)

The Budget Execution Circular provides guidance to National Drug Control Program agencies on ONDCP’s authorities related to the execution of the National Drug Control Budget.  This includes information and procedures related to reprogramming requests, the transfer of drug control funds between accounts, Fund Control Notices, and the establishment of financial plans.

Drug Control Accounting (dated May 8, 2018)

This Circular sets forth the policies and procedures to be used by National Drug Control Program agencies in conducting a detailed accounting and authentication of all funds expended on National Drug Control Program activities and the performance measures, targets, and results associated with those activities.  The reports required by this Circular are identified below.

Annual Accounting Report

By Statute, National Drug Control Program agencies, as outlined in the National Drug Control Strategy, are required to conduct an annual detailed accounting of all funds expended for National Drug Control Program activities.  Further, this accounting is authenticated by agency Inspectors General.

Accounting and Performance Summary Report

Drug Control Data Dashboard

Here are a set of 160 machine-readable tables providing information on a range of drug-related topics including trends in illicit drug use, availability, and consequences of their use.

National Drug Control Strategy Data Supplement

The Data Supplement provides the data that enables an assessment of current drug use and availability, impact of illicit drug use, and treatment availability.

Performance Reporting System

The Performance Reporting System lists the Administration’s nine strategic goals to reduce the demand for and availability of illicit drugs.

Budget and Performance Summary

The Budget and Performance Summary presents the drug control funding requests and performance measures for drug control activities undertaken by each department, agency, and program.

Budget Highlights

This document highlights key funding priorities identified in the President’s FY2020 National Drug Control Budget.