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Congressional Budget Justification

FY 2023 ONDCP Congressional Budget Submission

FY 2024 ONDCP Congressional Budget Submission

Good Accounting Obligation in Government Act Report

About the Good Accounting Obligation in Government Act Report

Good Accounting Obligation in Government Act Report for FY 2024

Interagency Budget and Performance

national drug control budget: funding highlights

Released with the President’s Budget Request, the National Drug Control Budget: Funding Highlights provides an overview of key funding priorities that support the National Drug Control Strategy and an overview of all drug control funding by function.

Fiscal Year 2022 Funding Highlights

Fiscal Year 2023 Funding Highlights

Fiscal Year 2024 Funding Highlights

National Drug Control Strategy: Budget Summary

Released shortly after the Funding Highlights, the Budget Summary presents the details of the President’s resource requirements to implement the National Drug Control Strategy and to inform Congress and the public about the total amount proposed to be spent on all public health and supply reduction activities by the Federal Government.

Fiscal Year 2022 Budget Summary

Fiscal Year 2023 Budget Summary

Fiscal Year 2024 Budget Summary

Performance Review System (PRS) Report

In accordance with ONDCP’s responsibilities outlined in in 21 U.S. Code § 1705, ONDCP is required to evaluate the effectiveness of the national drug control policy and the National Drug Control Program agencies’ (NDCPA) programs, by developing and applying specific goals and performance measurements.  The Performance Review System (PRS) report assesses the federal government’s progress toward achieving the goals of the National Drug Control Strategy.

Performance Review System Report, 2022

Performance Review System Report, 2023

National Drug Control Assessment

While the PRS focuses on the overall progress toward achieving the goals and objectives of the Strategy; it is complemented by the National Drug Control Assessment, which is a summary of the progress of each NDCPA’s efforts towards meeting the National Drug Control Strategy’s goals.  The Assessment establishes each agency’s specific performance measures and includes an evaluation of the progress of meeting the annual targets of those performance measures.

National Drug Control Assessment, 2023

Compliance Reviews

In accordance with ONDCP’s responsibilities outlined in 21 U.S.C. § 1704, NDCPAs are required to conduct an annual detailed accounting, authenticated by agency Inspectors General, of all funds expended for National Drug Control Program activities.  Additionally, NDCPAs are required to submit a Budget Formulation Compliance Report to ONDCP, which contains assertions about the timeliness of their budget submissions, and the bureau-level funding requests.

2021 (FY 2020) Compliance Reports

2022 (FY 2021) Compliance Reports

2023 (FY 2022) Compliance Reports

ONDCP Circulars

ONDCP carries out several of its statutory authorities through instructions set forth in a series of Circulars.  These Circulars articulate the requirements in the areas of budget, performance, and policy.

Policy Coordination and Organizational Oversight (dated September 9, 2021): Provides guidance for NDCPAs for obtaining approval, from the Director of ONDCP, prior to initiating a change in drug policy.

Budget Formulation (dated September 9, 2021): Provides instructions for use by NDCPAs when preparing drug control budgets to ONDCP.

National Drug Control Assessment (dated September 9, 2021): Provides guidance to NDCPAs on the information they are required to provide to the ONDCP related to the development of the annual National Drug Control Assessment.

Budget Execution (dated September 9, 2021): Provides guidance to NDCPAs related to the execution of the National Drug Control Budget. 

Compliance Reviews (dated September 9, 2021): Provides guidance to NDCPAs on conducting a detailed accounting and authentication of all funds expended on National Drug Control Program activities.

Federal Drug Control Grants Tracking (dated September 9, 2021): Provides guidance for NDCPAs to ensure Federally-funded drug control grants are tracked in ONDCP’s compilation of drug control grants.

Performance Monitoring (dated September 9, 2021): Details the process for ONDCP requesting assistance of Departmental Inspectors General in conducting performance audits and evaluations. 

Equity Action Plan

E.O. 13985 Equity Action Report, January 20, 2022

Methamphetamine Plan Implementation Report

Methamphetamine Plan Implementation Report, April 2023

Report to Congress on World Anti-Doping Agency Governance Reforms

WADA Governance Reforms Status Report, July 2023

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